No daughter, only sons!

When I was pregnant with my first child, there were no expectations. I hoped the baby would be healthy and I'd be able to carry it to full term. When life blessed me with a beautiful almost-nine pound morsel of goodness and joy, I was over the moon! Parenting was a fabulous experience and I... Continue Reading →

Fart-ology, Poop-Ology, Apology

Recently, we visited cousins and my boys took to analyzing wall art that adorned their living room. The African Art theme depicts silhouettes of women going about their daily chores against distinctive, bright backgrounds. While they reflected over the poses, I instinctively knew what was about to be said. My 8 year old giggled, nudged... Continue Reading →

I am NOT a perfect Mom

Before I had my boys, I never gave a second thought to the idea of being a perfect "anything". I've always been the 'girl next door', a regular student, a reluctant cook, a decent get the drift. In fact, I am rather gifted in the mediocrity department. One could say, I even excel at... Continue Reading →

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