No pictures of Mom!

Are you one of those crazy parents who enjoys taking a billion pictures of the family, especially the young ones? Well, I am. Not ashamed of it either.

Frankly speaking, I have taken way too many pictures of my children over the past decade. I don’t regret a single one, except when I run out of storage space more often than your average Joe would. Sigh!

Anyway, some days I like to reminisce and look back. I enjoy walking down memory lane -recalling a conversation, a holiday, a look or even some drama that my faithful lens has captured. Of late, it has struck me, that I am the ghost in most of our travels. I exist, but in shadow form. There is merely a whisper of my attendance, thank you very much! Mom exists, but behind the scenes only! Well then! Things are about to change. Hubby is soon going to find out that he needs to take a keen interest in photography. From now on, I’m not just going to be the choreographer, I am going to strut my stuff on the dance floor.

Who cares if the light doesn’t reflect well off my cheekbones, or that hubby doesn’t really know (or care) which angles make my dubious belly bulge look slimmer, whether I’m always captured with my mouth open ( I’m used to giving instructions ya’all) AND that my short, tousled hair always makes me look like I’ve been trying to find THE needle in the haystack!

Next time we travel, I’m going to use a cheesy movie dialogue. “I’m just a girl/woman, standing in front of her boy/man, asking him to take her photograph” LOL

Things are going to change for the better. Let me go grab my camera before I change my mind.

Which reminds me! I have to photograph the boys for our Christmas card! Double sigh!

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