Fart-ology, Poop-Ology, Apology

Recently, we visited cousins and my boys took to analyzing wall art that adorned their living room. The African Art theme depicts silhouettes of women going about their daily chores against distinctive, bright backgrounds. While they reflected over the poses, I instinctively knew what was about to be said. My 8 year old giggled, nudged his brother and proudly (loudly) proclaimed, “That woman looks like she’s scratching her butt!”  Now, I have a thick skin and I hardly bat an eyelid when kids speak candidly. But boy! Any mention of unmentionables below the belt and their related functions is enough to send my boys into fits of uncontrollable giggles. (Do boys giggle or snort? Have to look that one up).

I’ve tried bribes, threats, cajoling, coercion and eye-to-eye, woman-to-boy talks. Although they always accept that their behavior is not becoming, I guess the temptation is too much to bear. Friends who have boys of their own, empathize. Others, who have little girls or whose boys have been the epitome of virtue, DO NOT understand and give us the side eye. All in all, it makes social visits interesting for us, amusing for some and totally shocking for others!

It’s harmless and I know it won’t last. They’ll outgrow their fascination with anatomy, farts, funny noises, words that rhyme with poop and probably never giggle when they see an underwear advertisement again. So, I bide my time. Put up a brave face and pretend the boys don’t belong to me.

And once in a blue moon, when one of the boys needs a perk-me-up moment, I’ll use their fartology and poopology without an apology.  When those smiles break out again, who cares anyway!

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