Stay Strong, New York

As news of yet another dastardly attack on innocent civilians hits the headlines, I am reminded once again, that life is so fickle. We take so many things for granted. All it takes is an ideology, an idiot or a calamity to take away everything that we consider sacred – life, love, liberty.

Our helplessness only permits us to profess solidarity with victims, nations and humanity in general. Closer to home, I hold my children closer, hug them a few seconds longer. I dread the day when they will venture out to seek their destinies, while I watch haplessly from the sidelines, worried about a world spiraling out of control.

There is always hope, but during days like this, when brother turns against brother and blood runs as easily as wine at a New Year’s Party, it is difficult to be overly optimistic. I cannot fathom what these victims’ families must endure henceforth. I pray for a better world every single day. Let us all say our prayers and let the universe be better because of it.

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